General FAQs

Yuno is a social commerce site where users can discover and shop for millions of products with their friends. Yuno rewards you for doing what you probably already do – buy products and tell your friends what you bought. Every time you buy something through Yuno you’ll get cashback and every time someone else buys something in Yuno through you we’ll give both of you cashback!

Social media and e-commerce have turned into multi-billion dollar businesses and most of it is because of your “social capital”. Likes, comments and recommendations from people like you are the reason many companies love social media marketing, because you’re ultimately doing their marketing for them! We love the products these companies have to offer and that’s why we support them, but we think your contributions to those companies’ success should be recognized in a much greater way, so Yuno decided to do something about it. Yuno started to provide an easy and fun way for people like you to continue buying the products you love, but to also get rewarded through real cash when your “social capital” or influence is the reason someone else decides or is encouraged to buy something. The amount you pay for any product should be lowered based on your ability to influence other people to buy, and that is exactly what happens in Yuno. The amount you ultimately pay for a product you buy through Yuno is totally up to you. You’re way too important to pay full price and Yuno is here to make sure your importance in social media and commerce is never taken for granted again.

Glad you asked – follow this link ( to start shopping and earning as much cashback as possible!

Orders & Shipping

Our retail partners! Yuno has hundreds of retail partners that provide the products you see on our site.

Yuno will only list information on what item(s) you purchased. For additional details, please contact the retail partner(s) that you purchased from.

Most of our retail partners should automatically email you your tracking information. However, in the event that they do not, please contact them about it or contact us at

The majority of our retail partners allow returns and/or exchanges. However, the terms and conditions vary from retailer to retailer – please check with them for the details.


Cashback is exactly what it sounds like – CASH that we give back to you after you make a purchase through Yuno!

Anything and everything you can find on Yuno!

Absolutely! Every time someone makes the same or related purchase (look for the "related products" label on any product page) through your profile, we'll give you additional cashback and there's no limit to how much you can earn.

Directly from Yuno! Yuno believes your support should never be taken for granted. We’re willing to sacrifice our own profits to reward you.

Cashback may take up to 24h to appear after you have completed a transaction. Once we receive the transaction notification from our partners, you should see "pending cashback" appear on your account.

We show cashback as "pending" when our partners initially notify us of your product purchase. We convert your cashback to "confirmed" once our partners have finalized the transaction. If cashback is still pending after eight weeks, please email us at

You may cash out anytime into your PayPal account when you have earned at least $10. All cashback is paid out in US dollars.

In order to earn cashback you must be 18 years of age or older.

Most definitely. If our retail partners are having a sale, simply checkout as per normal and pay the discounted price. However since our cashback is based on the checkout price, it will be adjusted accordingly.

Yes. You still qualify for your credit card rewards program. The cashback we give you is simply an additional perk.


You do not have to share your banking information with Yuno. However, in order to withdraw your cashback, you will have to verify your PayPal account in Yuno.

Not even close! The cashback you receive is from Yuno’s earnings – not from someone else.

Contact / More Help

You may drop us a line at

We do not recommend changing your username but if you would like to change it please email us at

We’re sorry to see you go. If you wish to cancel your account, please contact us at

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